The energy this month has a sense of pressure. It is not negative or positive, it is simply a sense of pressure. Everything will require some kind of pressing or effort this month. The sensation of this pressure is what you might imagine clay feels like in the hands of a potter. It is moldable yet requires effort, and the effort this month can be pleasurable as it would be pleasurable for a potter to work with clay. Pressure will be required this month.

The feeling in May is that you are all pressing outward and shifting as you go. You might imagine yourself to be confined inside a ball of clay, striving to build a room within which you can live. You will be pushing outward in many different directions throughout the month, often at the same time. You are learning how to stretch and expand as you are shaping your world and reality as you go. The outward expansion is not happening to you, it is happening through your effort — and the effort can be pleasurable. As for a potter molding clay, the work can be effortful and pleasurable at the same time. And as you work to expand, you have a better ability than usual to define your own reality — to create the enclosure you are in as you go. So through your efforts you are better able to shape the world you live in. And, finally, that as you expand outward, you are going to encounter pressure, also known as limitation.

The metaphor of carving a space from the inside of a ball of clay is meant to describe the fact that you are truly working to create a magical space that defines your world. As you encounter limitations imposed by others — or imposed by yourself or simply imposed by the world as it is — take those limitations as an opportunity to press and expand. Do not press by fighting or resisting. Instead, press by exploring where there is room to move and expanding as you can. If you imagine yourself inside a ball of clay trying to carve out a space, you cannot press on the same spot over and over again or you will make a hole in the wall of your new space. You must continually reassess where pressure is warranted and where it is possible. Throughout the month, you will press and get a little movement, then you will need to move to a different area and press there. You will press up, and you will press down; you will press sideways and forward and in all directions.

Throughout the month, be willing to change where and how you expand over and over again. As soon as you get a little space on one side, turn and explore where you can expand on the other sides. It will be important that you be balanced this month. Expand in your career and in personal life; expand in your inner world and your outer world. Work on your easy friendships and on the relationships that are difficult. Do not allow any part of your life to be dormant, but instead find space to press and mold in every area of your life. As you do this throughout the month, just one little press at time, you will find that your life feels different. Your life will feel more expanded and comfortable for you because you are pressing in your own way, and you are carving in your own way, and you are creating the shape around you that suits you best. It really happens through small steps one at a time. Each time you encounter pressure, push on it just enough to carve out a bit more space, and then turn to the next issue. That is the beautiful effort and work of this month.

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