This month brings a very deep, nurturing energy. There is a sense of sliding on a gentle slope. You may find a sense of relief this month, but this will be somewhat illusory because you continue to be operating under a great deal of pressure. The relief comes because in June there is more support for you as you encounter the pressure. When you find that sense of relief, it will be important that you not become complacent or too relaxed — that you not step away from facing your challenges. You are working hard to shape your life through the choices you make.Let that sense of relief embolden you to press further. Let that sense of relief nurture you so that you can energize your work. It is very important this month that you use the energy coming to you to move forward, rather than using it to pull back, rest, or avoid things.

Find a structured way to keep track of your progress this month. Set goals, or readdress your goals and set up a schedule by which you can continually check yourself. Remain vigilant in pressing forward this month. If you will do that, it can be a profoundly productive, healing, nurturing, and exciting month. If you do not stay on top of your own progress — if you step back, avoid conflict, or try to rest too much this month — you will find that the walls press in on you and you will end up in a situation where you feel trapped, betrayed, or stifled.When that starts happening, resume your work. If you find yourself surprised by a sudden trap or bewildered by a sense of being stifled, do not build up a story in your head that everything has gone wrong or someone is bad. Instead take a deep breath, review your original goals, and resume your work. Keep pressing forward in all the work you have been doing before and you will find your space again.

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