The energy this month is expansive, playful, and challenging. It feels like standing in an open field during a windstorm with your arms wide open, laughing with your mouth open, letting the rush of energy come through you.

It is a stormy month. There is a sense of being challenged and it will bring a great deal of change. Things are moving, and the motion brings a positive sensation. Nothing is wrong, there is simply much that needs to shift. If you will be very open in March, this could be an exhilarating and fruitful time. If fear comes in and you constrict, it will become very painful and challenging.

This month brings us back to the fundamental choice between love and fear. Everything you do is based in either love or fear. It is not possible to be motivated by both, though you might feel both emotions at the same time. Your fundamental motivation is either one or the other — never neither and never both. This month, when you make a decision, when you choose what to say, when you approach a new problem — everything you do, bring it back to these questions: “Am I doing this for love or am I doing this for fear?” When you want to clear way fear that may be motivating you, ask, “Am I doing this to protect myself or to ensure someone will love me?” If so, you may be feeling love but be motivated by fear. Even if you love someone, you might be afraid someone will not love you and your actions will be guided by that fear.

The way to know when love is your fundamental motivation is that love is when you are so filled with joy it bursts out of you without any expectation of reciprocity. When you give without question of what you will get back, you are motivated by love. Love is when you enjoy it so much or you feel so good doing it or it resonates so deeply with you it just feels right when you do it. On the other hand, fear tends to lead you to a transaction in which you are giving so you can take, or trying to ensure your safety in some way.

This month, return over and over again to the question of love or fear. As you practice this throughout the month, you will find moments of pure exhilaration. You will find that what looks turbulent and impossible, suddenly comes together in the most elegant way. There is such joy available this month. Love without fear is the most important energy to harness at this time…

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