The energy this month is fast and light. It swirls around in different directions, yet it continues to move forward. You might picture a river with many large rocks in it creating eddies and pools. There is a sense that every drop of water will eventually make its way down, but there is much stopping and going backward, circling and changing course. You will find when you set a goal and move directly forward in a linear fashion, you will become lost and frustrated this month. Whereas, if you will set a goal in a looser way and let life lead you in that direction, you will find yourself eventually achieving the goal and also gathering valuable experiences along the way.

It will be important this month that you be open to new experiences and that you be very patient with yourself and with others. You will begin things and they will not go as expected, and you will circle back and begin again. It is a bit like going through physical therapy after an injury. You have been wounded and all of your old wounds have come up. This has been a very difficult several years on planet earth, and all of you have your wounds right in front of you. This month is a little bit like the process of physical therapy where you have to must make small incremental moves forward and be willing to start again and be patient with starting again and find a way of being at peace with small achievements. That will be the best way for you to approach the energy of February.

In addition to what we have said, there is also a very loving, playful, giggling energy this month. Amidst the frustrations of having to start again and having to circle back over and over, there is a chance for a lot of fun. Imagine yourself to be like a fairy going through physical therapy or a small child playing a game. You get lost, you start over, and that is just part of the fun…


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