The energy this month is like a fireball, and it is also like a sprint race. The feeling is that everything happens at once, things move very quickly, and it will be important for you to keep moving. This is not a month to sleep through; this is not a time for rest. July brings an explosive energy. The metaphor of a fireball describes an explosive burst of positive, productive energy. You may feel like a sprinter at the starting block with every muscle tensed in perfect position, listening for the sound of the starting bell.All month you will be called to suddenly shift potential energy into kinetic energy — to move from ideas into action at a moment’s notice.

It will be important this month that you stay active. When there is a problem to solve, work on solving it immediately. Do not set it aside, do not wait for later, and do not be too introspective. It will be important that you listen to your inner self and check with your intuition and inner wisdom, but do not linger there. Move quickly into action. Whenever an action becomes available, take it. Whenever the next step becomes possible, make it. This is a time for action and things will seem to happen all at once. Do not wait for full understanding before you take action.Do not wait for others to catch up with you before you take action, and do not worry if no one is waiting for you either. All of you just need to move forward in any way you can this month in order to keep up with your own progress.

This is not a time for hurt feelings. It is not a time for deep emotional healing. But it is a time when much healing can be accomplished. You might think of your healing journey as one of coaching rather than counseling this month. Consider how taking action can liberate and soothe your wounded heart. You will look back on this month and be proud of all the ways you were able to move forward, both individually and collectively. The burst of activity may feel difficult during the month, but will lead to much you can enjoy in the future.

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