The Akashic records of October 2019

Question: What is the main energy will come in October 2019?

The keepers will Come the energy spreading. This energy will encourage you to move away from situations, events, to look at them from the side. To slip between them to look on the other side. Flip over to make something else.

Power sliding helps to rearrange the blocks to reconstruct the situation, project, relationship. In your world it looks like a constructor, although still not quite it. The constructor itself does not can consist of changing blocks. But in life, nothing is frozen. So the blocks can themselves be converted. So it is necessary not to yawn.
Question: Strange word “flop”?

Keepers: Yes, I had to improvise with the words that came out one word. If you say a lot of words, we mean that the movement will simultaneously go “from” and “to”.

Question: What else you need to know about energy spreading?

Keepers: She’s fast. Gape, and all goes according to your scenario or assumption. Decided something to replace or rebuild, you will need to do it quickly.

Question: what Else is the energy coming?

Guardians: Yes. Diverse movement. It seems like the energy is spreading, but everything is in the same plane, and this in different ways. In other words, your restructuring situation can help you to jump on another plane. This is how to jump on the forklift to catch a train or plane. Otherwise you would have missed.

Question: what especially to pay attention this month?

The guardians: what you mentally or not mentally applauded. What you support. This month you that could get stronger. Are you ready to further invest in this effort?

Question: What can you say about the relationship between people this month? What to pay more attention?

The keepers: Pay more attention to what you write to each other. This month can be more disguise in words. It will be enough to rearrange words in places and the meaning of change. In oral speech it is not so noticeable. Therefore, an important letter match this month carefully.

Question: is There anything that you want to pass on health?

The keepers: don’t drink too hot drinks. This refers to the heater temperature. Better closer to the neutral temperature. Below the border, which can be attributed to the relatively hot. This will keep the balance inside the body. Even if you’re cold, don’t drink too hot drinks.

Question: do you Want to convey something else?

Guardians: Yes. This month you may feel depression, anxiety or strange not to find a place. Mostly it will be due to electromagnetic pulses in an electromagnetic grid of the earth. Possible seismic disturbances, tremors. Nothing critical for the Earth.

Question: what should I do?

The keepers: don’t make a fuss. Not to make any hasty decisions. If you live in seismic areas, must be familiar with the procedure. If you are a tourist, check such actions in advance.

This message from the Akashic records was made to Shine. If you want to share this message, you can do it under the condition of completeness of the content; attribution channel — Shine — and specify the source lifeful .EN. Please include this message in all publications.

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