Self-knowledge as a way of adequate perception of our reality

Who am I?

There are different answers to this question. But in the definition of “self-knowledge “special differences usually do not arise: self-knowledge is called the search for an experienced, that is directly experienced answer to the question” who am I?”

My nick is Bingo-Bongo – who watched the eponymous film with Celentano, he must remember the main character, who has been moved by fate in childhood away from people and then return to civilization. I like this wild hero-perhaps because I was born in the mountains and almost all my childhood before school spent there. And then I went to school with a foreign and almost unfamiliar language in a big city and I had to Willy-nilly plunge into civilization. Very well after graduating from school, and University with honors later, as time has shown, I remained in many ways the same boy from mountains in my heart, with his direct perception of our reality.  Because of my childish perception me as already a young researcher of the prestigious research Institute, found it easy to turn back to face my inner self in order to find answers to many questions that the official science in the sphere of which I functioned could not adequately answer, considering it to be an advanced front of cognition of our reality of being.

I like the images of the main characters in the books of Max Fry because have similar things.  As I have involvement to this and my help to them I have the same feelings that can not be bought or obtained for any money. The sense of Insight and Grace, causing goosebumps on me and so amplifying the constant,incessant whistling in the ears. That it is time to look back-and do not hear it others? The same I can say about the heroes of «Stranger in a Strange Land» of Robert Heinlein, some characters in the works of Ancharov, Snegov, etc. close to my Soul and Spirit.

But let us return to the meaning of the word “self – knowledge” – it is necessary to present more broadly that in general is the core concept in the life of every person who thinks about the meaning of his existence on Earth and its goals.

  1. Self-knowledge: 1) In the ancient teachings: knowledge of one’s own depth, in which something divine is revealed. In Hinduism it is under the sign of the formula “Atman is Brahman”. In ancient philosophy, the knowledge of oneself was combined with the study of internal mental states, with spiritual growth, as well as with the knowledge of the cosmos : according to the principle of equivalence of ”microcosm ” (man) to ” macrocosm ” (Universe). To know oneself means to comprehend the world. 2) in Christianity: the knowledge of his creation is in the image and likeness of God; at the same time, the repentant awareness of one’s sinfulness is combined with the consent to accept salvation through Christ. The knowledge of the depths of his inner world takes man beyond himself, it reveals more about the Creator than the study of the entire Universe, likens to God. “You were in me deeper than the depths of the mine and higher than the tops of my” (Augustine). According to AP. Paul, self-knowledge for a Christian is not his personal business, as in non-Christian philosophy, but is formed by the Word of God and life in the Church (1 Tim.4.16). The ascetic fathers preferred “humble self – knowledge”, the spiritual work we do with Christ, to all the ways of high knowledge, and its feasibility depends on our faith: “Test yourself, are you in faith?” (2 Cor.13.5). Compare. at St. Seraphim of Sarov: “Why do we condemn our brethren? Because we do not try to know ourselves.”
  2. Self-knowledge – as well as self-esteem, has important differences from self – observation: a) these processes are much more complicated and longer than the usual acts of introspection; they include self – observation data, but only as a primary material, accumulated and processed;
  3. b) information about yourself a person receives not only (often – and not so much) from self – observation, but also from external sources-objective results of their actions, the relations of other people, etc.Self-knowledge-knowledge is one of the most difficult and most subjectively important tasks. Its complexity is caused by many reasons: 1) a person must develop his cognitive abilities, accumulate appropriate ways, and then apply them to self-knowledge; 2) must accumulate material for knowledge-a person must become something, someone, though he is constantly evolving, and self-knowledge is constantly lagging behind its object ; 3) any knowledge of himself already the fact of its receipt changes the subject : learning about himself something, he becomes different; because the task of self – knowledge is so subjectively significant – because any progress in it-a step in self-development, self-improvement.

There are other interpretations of the meaning of the word “self-knowledge”, but in our case it is enough. Very often, the initial impulse to self-knowledge, deepening into your inner world is an extraordinary event in the outside world or a deep dissatisfaction with your state in it.My condition was quite cheerful and positive, but some extraordinary events….. however this will be discussed in the topic short description of the beginning of my journey in all this…self-knowledge, so to speak.

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My path to itself or the road a skeptic – the beginning of.

We follow by other people’s footsteps, always imitate to someone.

We do not uderstand that God has one way for each other.

When we copy other people’s lives and read someone’s aphorisms

Somebody live by other`s life, somebody die by other`s death.

And just when we turn around, face to face with himself,

We will look into our own eyes – we will not deceive ourselves!

Then we will see that God has his own way for everyone.

I will try to briefly describe the beginning of my Journey, or rather some steps or milestones-events in my life that made me, a then beginning scientist, seriously engage in the study of the so – called “extrasensory” phenomena – it includes several years of life in the late 80’s, early 90-ies of the 20th century. I already stated them on the forum site, however, on our website this presentation will be with comments – that is, in the course of the presentation, I will disclose the meaning of the information that I did not fully understand, but more or less understood for myself later in the course of its realization on the basis of practical experience. Do not forget that at that time there were almost no esoteric literature except for the “Confessional Way” Martynov in our country, although there were already printouts of the “journey of Consciousness” Sri Aurobindo.

 My posts will have some collages of pictures of our group – they are mostly female subjects was manifested at the end of the 2005-6 year, when the difficulties of the Way (we’ve thrown all their belongings and job and moved South to start) forced sometimes “fail” by our girlfriends and wives and we were forced to create female characters, a more appropriate Way at that time to help them and us.

 I lived well in our scientific town, located in a PHYSICALLY beautiful part of Moscow region. Science classes and doing my dissertation, I alternated the sport. I was the best striker in football at the Institute and one of the best in the city. Also I had expeditions – travel in search of archebacteria in the Karakum and Altai Krai, that I myself with associates organized. We had visits to various seminars, symposiums and conferences in my subject that often were in other cities and hikes in the nature reserves. However, the USSR was already collapsing, Karabakh pressed the red button and a powerful injection of subtle energies of the dying contry went into the subtle plans, on the wave of which psychics of different colors woke up: Chumak, Kashpirovsky, Longo and others like them. In our half-closed town also began to seep various figures, pushing their ideas and opportunities. To the one of the lectures of the famous hypnotist showing some opportunities directly to the audience I decided to go. I was with grin thinking about these magicians, hypnotists fooling ordinary people.

The lecture was good, dealt with the psychology of suggestion and unexplored possibilities of its influence both on ourselves and on other people in medical and other purposes and ended on conditional division of people in suggestibility in extroverts (open,suggestible) and introverts (closed,difficult-or even not suggestible). Naturally, I took myself to the uninhibited and continued to follow with interest, as he was looking for people among the listeners conducted only one test: asked to get up, relax as much as possible and said: “Over your head a small flying saucer now from left to right spinning, your body follows him and also begins to spin after him” – something like this and people… began to rotate the head and body, as if really followed the imaginary saucer, then accelerating, then slowing down the rotation on the command of the hypnotist. At first I thought that these people are a setup, but then he started doing it with almost everyone, and with people I know. I was sitting in the front row, still smiling slyly and feeling that he’s somehow watching me — visible felt my malice and distrust. He came to me last, I was a little confused, but no more: at his request, I got up, relaxed,and when he said that my body begins to rotate after the imaginary saucer,I looked him calmly in the face, but… my body suddenly twitched and …began to make a semicircle. “Come here,- I yelled somewhere inside yourself” -and the body obeyed me, stopped, though managed to make a half-turn. «Yeah»,- said the rather hand-rubbing hypnotist, «You’re not only a good extrovert, but a very strong introvert». However, I was no longer to him, before I began to realize that my body and I suddenly was not solid as I thought, but it was independent and Autonomous responses to external influences, and therefore functionally, this separation, not integrity I clearly did not like.


So I thought that I am the body plus the soul: it’s controlled only by me. But it turned out that I am only the consciousness That I am EVERYTHING, but in fact my body can be influenced and even controlled by another, someone else’s Consciousness, which Knows how to do it. That is largely relative to my body I can not say that it is completely mine, as if the body in many ways was in itself, simply the contours of governance were tied on my Consciousness, not moreover. The fact is that I already had the experience of separation of me – Consciousness from the body: as a child I had a clinical death, we lived in the mountains, there was no hospital, and all this happened at home – flying under the ceiling and looking at the blue-haired and slightly elongated faces of relatives. I didn’t think I was dead at all, and I didn’t remember the body at all, as if it wasn’t there. Just all these people looked at one point that was obscured. And only drawing attention to this, I realized, someone they can look up to me and started to walk the singularity of my situation. I wanted to take a closer look at my former body, and my desire (alas, it turned out to be my last wish from the other world) was fulfilled: I moved and was right over my also somehow blue-haired, but actually quite nice little body. It was the last thing I saw, I seemed to be sucked somewhere, and then I woke up again in my body – came back from the world, as they say. It turned out that being in the next world I was THERE-whoever I was at that moment-could control my behavior through desires. But I could not influence the body, I did not even feel it-I did not offend the followers of Castaneda. But no matter how they tried to get out of the body, no matter what artificial methods they used to look at themselves from the side I do not think that they would have turned out better than I did in my childhood during clinical death, and I felt that they would have no one. That this all generally something normal and on this not worth fixate – all this normal just FOR the world, WHERE there are NO BODIES, BUT THERE are CONSCIOUSNESSes and SOULs. What for I told about: the experience of childhood, and experiment with the hypnotist showed that the Consciousness of all Consciousness, even in that light, at least for this, but that light contact was not, I felt and could not control, and this contact was, and I felt the body, but it turned out that the control was not complete – otherwise the hypnotist could not control him without my permission. Simply put, in a normal state, most people have a BODY like that car, BUT I THINK THEY are in CONTROL, but most don’t even know how it works. Imagine a unit that can serve as an extension of you, of your Consciousness IN THIS world, and you just learned how to press the gas, brake, spin the wheel and fill the tank, but about the other options neither hearing, nor spirit, as they say-however, the body as the animal is ALIVE, LARGELY DUE TO IGNORANCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND LAZINESS OF THE HUMAN SOUL BECAME CLOSED ON HIMSELF, THE SYSTEM. Don’t think I’m so clever then immediately thought: I searched the libraries of our institutions, found stories about lunatics, witches of the wild tribes, which made the body quite civilized in the sleepwalkers to bring them jewels and money of the owners, quite a scientific explanation of the clever operating studied the influence of not yet fully perceive the subconscious mind and other inputs and outputs of outside influence on the body of the people, of course, about the hypnosis, and so on. But the main more or less informative source, as you can see, was my experience and … the life of my great-grandmother. My small homeland was famous for long-livers and the presence of a large number of different monuments: ancient, ancient and old fortresses, churches, monasteries, chapels, etc., as well as many Holy places in the mountains, which often were burial places of hermits of different times and periods of history of the region, as the people there for at least the next Millennium lived the same. The Holy places in the middle of the last century were used by the inhabitants very actively: they sacrificed various animals for healing from diseases, resolving some life problems, and often went to the Church to repent of sins and beg for forgiveness for their deeds, etc. – in Soviet times, almost all the churches were destroyed or converted into clubs and warehouses, but they could not do anything with the Holy places: some of them were caves with a source where once a hermit lived, some were just old their gravestones over the burial place or was a small chapel made of stone and often built not without the help of tamed from an early age bears at least so says the legend. 5 years ago I again managed to visit this region and some Holy places: indeed, over these places there was a strong “pull” up, as in strongly prayed churches or next to the same icons, as if there were holes in the sky after the ascension of souls to higher planes of existence, and the space seemed to rise, rushing to this hole and it became closer to the sky and the one who became in the circle of this space himself involuntarily “ascended” them to this height and became accessible to its inhabitants. My great-grandmother in her youth was a very tall, beautiful, slender, green-eyed girl with 45 size legs, shoes which was almost impossible to get then and she often went in simple gumshoes. Her character was fun-loving, but tough and she did and wasn’t afraid of anything-generally among the villagers stood out clearly – the woman was afraid and preferred not to get involved, and men are greatly respected. The stories of mother when she got married and gave birth to a child, relatives took her to a Holy place, where the child is asked to go pee in the bushes. She is not thinking right there and allowed her to make it, although all around were asked to move away, not to take a sin on soul. But she didn’t listen. But as soon as they came home, never ill great-grandmother sicked and fall ill. She recovered, but the behavior has changed: she began to walk for some reason, in different near and distant Holy places, became a domestic. She had the ability: when she looked at what some sick person, then after a while lost consciousness (now called “enter the trance”). When she came to, did not call the diagnosis, and just sending him to town to be treated by ordinary doctors, say the disease is of physical nature, or told when, in what sequence and how many times should visit such Holy places. That is, the disease is spiritual in nature — is to say that she was very reluctant to use his newfound gift, and grew up almost entirely stopped doing it. When I was born, she was 85 years old, she got rid of many children and their offspring, buried her husband and lived alone in a house located just 3-4 meters from the club – the former village Church. Before my birth, she had a prophetic dream: in the cave of the Holy place Metz Nane was a bearded, glowing man, in front of him lay a baby and he was pointing at him, telling his great-grandmother that it was her son. Great-grandmother parried by the fact that she was old, no husband and no child she can not be – generally argued with him as she could, although the man continued to repeat his. And just this morning learned that the only granddaughter she was looking after her gave birth to a boy, she realized what she told the man in the dream. I lived with my great-grandmother purely for about 6 years-my parents fled to the big city to arrange their lives, leaving me in her care and under the care of my grandparents from my father’s side with their large family living in a house nearby. In our with great-grandmother duty was to drive young animals (lambs and calves) to their home after sunset: in the main herd until they were allowed, and left to graze on the outskirts of the village. We came there for 20-30 minutes before sunset, sat on a fallen tree and looked at the huge, the size of a big tray of pink sun, which slowly fell between the two peaks of the mountains. After spending the sun,we collected the kids and drove them home – and so it was every year, changed only young. I was happy with her: I lived her life, she lived mine, we were happy with each other, and we actually and no one else is needed. After sunset, we took the kids and drove them home – and so it was every year, changed only young. I was happy with her: I lived her life, she lived mine, we were happy with each other, no one else is needed. Sure I was annoyed by my relatives, but I was touchy: I just stopped talking to those who were offended, as if he(it)was not. Since I really don’t need them (great-grandmother was enough for me) almost always the offenders themselves after a while, unable to bear tried to make it up to me in different ways. It “a while” could last from several days to several years and I have absolutely no hardships and remained a problem of offenders. I was an active child and spent most of our time with peers. This has not prevented me often to sit for hours with the great-grandmother on the veranda of our house with windows without glass and absently to look somewhere into the distance and inside at the same time, as my great-grandmother did it. Fortunately, the panorama of the huge bowl of the valley below us did not interfere, and mice, birds and snakes who lived in the house, too, were not afraid of us, and rustled about their business almost inaudible Although we saw them, but in the house no one touched them, except that every year they shot at a large Viper, which disturbed the nest of birds in numerous cracks of the stone wall and carelessly got out to warm — the birds themselves with their Orom and pointed at it.






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